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Telesessions, or teletherapy, are done by secure, confidential, HIPAA compliant video conferencing platforms over the Internet where we can speak to one another and see each other on a screen.

It’s so easy!  There are no accounts to set up and no passwords.  You can take a look at mine by going to the URL  Type in your name and you can take a look at the virtual waiting room.  You can use a computer, a laptop, or a recent iPad.

Teletherapy is an excellent and convenient option for people who are disabled, who live in rural areas where counseling is not available, who travel Monday through Friday, who live in areas with traffic congestion, who are stay-at-home Moms and Dads, who are too shy to go to a counselor, or who, for other reasons, find this type of counseling easier.

Most insurance companies reimburse for Teletherapy.  Therapists who do teletherapy are required to obtain training according to the rules of their particular license.  I obtained my training from the Telebehavioral Health Institute in 2018.  My licenses are in Texas so I am able to work with any Texas resident.

Research shows that most all conditions can be successfully treated via telemental health sessions with a motivated client and a good therapist.  However, for ethical and safety reasons there are some issues and conditions that should be addressed in face to face counseling.

Those who have substance abuse and other addictions, suicidal or self destructive tendencies, are in crisis, have disorders where their safety is at risk should work with their therapist in face-to-face sessions.  


Topics suited to this kind of counseling include depression and anxiety disorders, relationship issues (family, friends, romantic, work), lifestyle and work issues; the need to learn assertiveness or communication skills; the need to learn coping skills for such things as stress or adult ADD/ADHD; the need to talk with someone about loss and grief; some types of PTSD, the need to learn to identify and/or manage emotions; the need to learn to think rationally, and manage family of origin difficulties to name some.

Couples counseling works extremely well for couples who are not in crisis and where safety for one or the other is not an issue. My experience has shown that most couples are in trouble because they don’t know how to communicate productively in true partnership when there is conflict.  If one or both partners are suffering from depression and/or anxiety, those should be treated first before beginning couples work.


Call me at 214-676-3324 to discuss your situation to see if teletherapy is for you.  If so, we’ll set up an appointment and I’ll email you paperwork to fill out and return before your appointment.


At the end of the session, a payment screen pops up on the platform and you’ll be able to use any credit card to pay your copay or fee online.